Graywater Gardening
From Buckets to Irrigation Systems
Graywater for the GardenĀ - Made Easy!

Graywater (also known as gray water, greywater, grey water), is waste water from your laundry, showers and spa / bath.

A family of 4 generates over 100 gallons per day, or 3,000 gallons per month of graywater.

Why let this water go to waste when it can easily be used on your garden, instead of wasting precious drinking water where it is not necessary?

Thinking about using graywater for your garden?

This free guide is a must read if you want to make the most of your graywater.

Topics include:
About the Author
  • How graywater moves through soil
  • What plants really want
  • Graywater in the garden
  • How to irrigate with buckets, hoses, branched drains, laundry to landscape, graywater dripperline, gravity and pumped systems
  • Calculating the correct irrigation area for your graywater
  • Plumbing for Graywater
  • Graywater code analysis
  • Additional resources
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With over 7 years experience in Australia and the U.S., Paul James is recognised as leader in the field, invited as expert panellist for Industry Symposiums in Australia and the U.S.

His graywater dripperline specifications, and ETo / Graywater dripperline efficiency calculations appear in several U.S. state code definitions.

Passionate about water, and recognising the rapidly increasing value of water, Paul is focussed on educating the general public about using water to its maximum benefit.

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